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Company profile       

Tinitaly based in Castelmella (BS) is specialized in production and trade of semimanufactured non ferrous metals, leader both in Italy as in Europe for the production of semimanufactured pewter goods, constantly growing in galvanic, electronic and printed boards industrial makets.

Thanks to the experience of over 40 years, to the passion and technic of the president Mr. Giuseppe Ferrari, entrepreneur since 1978, promoter and author of the growth and affirmation of Tinitaly, our company today could offer a wide range of products, wich high quality is certified by it's own laboratory of analisys and by the careful choice of qualified raw materials suppliers.

An executive staff expert in technical, production and trade and a qualified young team which take care to research and development support the president for offer to the customers also a service of post sell assistance


Tinitaly srl is: certified ISO:9001;

                    associated to A.I.B. (Associazione Industriale Bresciana);

                    associated to ASSOPELTRO;

                    associated to E.P.U. (European Pewter Union).

Our targets

A well-established company, leader in the pewter supplying market and constantly growing in electronic and galvanic areas. We try to propose ourself to our customers with innovation, courtesy and professionalism. We are open to every need, trying to solve it as fast as possible.

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